Oval Basin Pomegranate
Oval Basin Pomegranate
Oval Basin Pomegranate
Oval Basin Pomegranate

Oval Basin Pomegranate


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All or a large part of its production is handmade


Designed and created by our associate brand or author

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Oval basin (47 x 21 cm; 6 cm depth) made with majolica ceramics and transparent enamel. Its drawing represents a bunch of self-inventive pomegranates. It is both a utilitarian and ornamental item. The shape and drawings of the plate are the artist’s hand-made own creation; therefore, they can vary.

Pomegranates are widely spread along the Mediterranean coast. They have become Mallorcan symbolism, since they play an important role in gastronomy.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 47 × 21 × 5.5 cm

White clay

Catalina Amengual

Ceramics & paintings


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